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Mountain View Staffing is the trusted recruiting and staffing agency of Silicon Valley based companies. We help startups to Fortune 500 companies hire full-time employees. We specialize in Engineering, Software, Marketing, Business and Administrative roles. We are local and understand the local market- companies, talent bar-hiring bar, motivations, benefits packages, salaries, commute, etc. when trying to match candidates with the best companies.

Full time Recruiting

Looking to hire full-time employees for your company? We can help. 


Some positions we are often recruiting for. List is not updated frequently, so best way to apply is to email your resume to If there's a match we'll call you back asap. If we don't, you can be sure we read your resume but don't have anything right now. Sorry, but its impossible for us to respond, meet or give feedback to every applicant. 

Companies- From startups to Fortune 100 companies. Seed through Series E; 

Salaries- Most are in the $100K-$200K base+options+benefits;  

Locations- Many remote (US wide), San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Redwood City, San Mateo, Oakland, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, Milpitas, Fremont, New York, Austin, Seattle

  • Full stack Web Developers- Multiple startups
  • Back End developer- Multiple startups, Big Tech
  • Machine Learning Engineers- startups
  • Data Engineers - startups
  • Front End Developers- Multiple Startups, Big Tech
  • Data Scientists- Startups, Big Tech

  • VP Engg- Startup

  • Engg Manager- Startup

"Great candidates for an extremely hard-to-find skill in a competitive market. MoutainView Staffing blew us away with their ability to find and place such a star performer in such a short time."


Jonas J

Talent Acquisition, Series B Startup, Palo Alto, CA


"I can't dream going back to my full-time job now that I've discovered this new future of work. No pressure to impress anyone, worry about my colleagues outperforming me, working overtime to get a promotion, and other nonsense that come with the percieved illusion of a stable full-time job.


I've been working with Mountain View Tech Staffing for the last 18 months years and love the job, client, pay rate, flexibility and benefits. I decide when and where and how much I work for and the kind of projects I want to be involved in. MountainView Tech Staffing is the best talent agent in Silicon Valley"


Larry J

Developer at large phone maker, Cupertino, CA

"I have been working for Mountain View Tech Staffing for 2 years and appreciate the ease of doing business with them. They let me work, do what they are supposed to and  never require me to follow up on anything. I just got converted to Full time and they didn't have any problem with that"

Brian K

Consultant at large Internet Search firm

"MTV Tech Staffing found me excellent candidates when many large staffing agencies whose sales managers promised us quality ended up not even understanding the requirements and were sending us very poor candidates with minimal screening."


Ruchit G

Founder, Sunnyvale, CA

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