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Full-Time Hiring

Full Time Positions we specialize in

Engineering, Software & IT

- Software Engineer, Software Design Engineer, Backend Developers

- Full Stack Engineers- Java, Python, .NET (yes)

- Front End Engineers- AngularJS, React, JavaScript

- Big Data Engineers- Hadoop, MapReduce, Sqoop, Hive, Spark

- DevOps and SRE

- Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Engineer

- UX/UI Product Designers 

- Program Manager, Business Analyst

- Product Manager

Marketing, Sales, Finance, Business, Operations

- Product Marketing Manager

- Supply Chain Manager

- Finance Manager

- Customer Success Representative/ Customer Service/Customer Support

- Administrative Assistant/Executive Assistant

- Autonomous Vehicle/Robot Operator/Self Driving Car Engineers

- Mapping specialists/Geomapping/Map checkers

- Content Review Specialists

- Bitcoin/ICO/Crypto startup Fraud Analyst/ Support/ Compliance

Why use an Outside Recruiting Agency?

Save Time & Increase Speed to Hire

You are busy and don't want to deal with posting the job on numerous sites, subscribing to job boards, screening  hundreds of resumes, conducting phone interviews, scheduling and emails with potential candidates, checking of interest, checking for skills, etc.


Leverage our Expertise

As one of the top recruiting agencies with experience in doing these activities everyday we can do it for you in a fraction of the time and cost it would take you.


What we'll do?

All we need is a job description and a quick call to discuss your requirements. We will then

  • Craft the job description and post the job advertisement

  • Search our database, jobboards, social networks for active and passive candidates

  • We ensure they meet a high bar, verify their past experience, and do reference checks

  • Present only the best ones that are interested in your job and schedule interview with the ones you select

Why use us?

We've worked with bootstrapped, Seed & VC funded startups, Unicorns and startups from tech incubators like the Founder Institute, 500 Startups, YCombinator. We've also recruited for Fortune 100 blue-chip tech companies in Silicon Valley. We understand your constraints be it time, talent, budget, etc. and can help you solve them. 



We don't charge any fees to candidates. We strongly recommend staying away from agencies that do.


Our fees are paid by companies (Clients) and are typically 20-30% fee of annual salary of the hire depending on the complexity of the search. Because of the high demand for talent, we are only conducting retained searches currently. We charge an upfront non-refundable $10K retainer to start with. This is adjusted against the balance of the fee when the search is completed. If you don't hire or hire from someone else or some other channel, this retainer is not refunded and pays for our time and effort that went into the search and ensures your 'skin in the game' unlike contingency recruiting where there is no obligation from your side.


Contingency Search- If you are looking for recruiting agencies that work on fully contingent search fees, please visit this staffing directory of executive recruiters and staffing firms.

Note to candidates- The above fees that companies pay us, doesn't come out of the candidate salary. Companies have a recruiting budget which they use to hire internal recruiters, temp recruiters or an external agency to help them hire. 

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