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As a company you are busy and don't want to deal with resumes, interviews, employment eligibility, contracts, payroll, compliance, medical, HR and legal issues, etc. As one of the top staffing agencies with experience in doing these activities everyday we can do it for you in a fraction of the time and cost it would take you.


All we need is a job description, the duration, and the budget.

We will -

  • Craft the job description and post the job advertisement

  • Search our database, jobboards, social networks for active and passive candidates

  • We ensure they meet a high bar, verify their past experience, and do reference checks

  • Present only the best ones


Once you decide on the contractor, we will

  • Check employment eligibility including visa issues

  • Put the person on our payroll reducing your co-employment risks

  • Sign all the relevant paperwork- employment agreement, assignment of IP through Work for Hire agreements, confidentiality and NDA agreements to protect your IP and assets and reduce your risks

Job Title, Skill and Typical Hourly Bill Rate ​for Contractors/Temps in Silicon Valley as of Sept 2021. These are all inclusive bill rates to hiring companies- usually for contracts that are 40 hrs/ week

Contractors get ~70% of this on W2 or ~80% of this on 1099. Around 10% more if contractors bring their own client/contract or clients just need to payroll the contractor through a third party to reduce risk.

  • Software Developers

    • Java, J2EE- $75-$175/hr 

    • .Net, C#, VB- $75-175/hr

    • Database SQL, NoSQL- $75- $175/hr

    • Data Scientist- $100-$200/hr

    • UI Developers- $75-175/hr

    • Python/Perl- $85-$175/hr

    • Ruby, Rails- $85-175/hr

    • iOS, Android - $85-175/hr

    • Sharepoint- $75-$150/hr

  • Technical Help Desk

    • Technical Support- $40-75/hr

    • Desktop Support- $40-75/hr

  • Office Support

    • Front Desk- $25-50/hr

    • Admin Assistant- $30-60/hr

    • Executive Assistant- $40-100/hr

    • Office Manager- $30-70/hr

  • Operations

    • Drone Operator- $30-75/hr

    • Data Rating and Labeling- $25-40/hr

    • Customer Success Representative- $30-50/hr

    • Procurement Manager- $75-150/hr

  • Test

    • Automation- $50-$100/hr

      • C#, Java, Python, VSTS, Selenium, Jira

    • Manual- $25-$80/hr

    • Games- $20-$60/hr

  • Program Management

    • Program Manager- $75-$175/hr

    • Product Manager- $75-$200/hr

    • Business Analyst- $60-$100/hr

    • Project Manager- $50-$150/hr

  • Finance and Accounting

    • FP&A, Financial Analyst- $50-$150/hr

    • Accountant, Controller, A/R, A/P, Tax- $50-120/hr

  • Human Resources

    • Recruiter- $30-$125/hr

    • Technical Recruiter- $30-$150/hr

    • HR Generalist- $25-$75/hr

    • HR Manager- $45-$100/hr​

  • Legal

    • Legal Assistant- $35-75/hr

    • Paralegal- $40-100/hr

    • Counsel- $60-200/hr

    • Sr. Counsel- $100-400/hr

Contract Staffing & Temp-to-Perm

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